Feature Description

The LEADTOOLS DICOM Communication SDK technology provides high-level communications components that simplify the creation of DICOM client/server applications (e.g., PACS) with complete implementations for all DICOM service classes such as Verification, Query/Retrieve, Storage, and Patient Management.

With a LEADTOOLS product that includes DICOM Communication SDK technology, .NET (C# & VB), WinRT, Silverlight, C, and C++ developers can create unified and seamless solutions by adding DICOM communications to their applications and creating middleware to connect disparate devices, applications, and PACS systems.

Overview of LEADTOOLS DICOM Communication SDK Technology

With the LEADTOOLS DICOM Communication SDK Technology, Developers Can:

Create DIMSE-C services associated with composite SOP classes:

Create DIMSE-N services associated with normalized SOP Classes and provide an extended set of operations and notifications:

AE's can serve in one of two roles:

Technology Related to DICOM Communication