Feature Description

The LEADTOOLS HTML5 Zero-footprint Medical Viewer is an OEM-ready web application that provides a platform-independent solution to display DICOM studies for all medical disciplines and modalities. The fully customizable application is a powerful collection of JavaScript libraries and web services, and is perfect for any developer or integrator who needs a fast, lightweight DICOM viewer solution without sacrificing any features that health care professionals demand.

LEADTOOLS takes full advantage of everything modern web browsers and mobile devices offer, giving developers a shorter learning curve and confidence that their application will satisfy customer demands for user experience and broad-ranging support on multiple devices. The plethora of fast, client-side tools—pre-defined and custom layouts, touch-enabled window-leveling and medical-specific image processing, annotations, 3D reference lines, and more—make the LEADTOOLS HTML5 zero-footprint Medical Viewer a premier choice for software developers working in the health care space.

Overview of LEADTOOLS HTML5 Zero-footprint Medical Viewer SDK Technology

The following are some examples of web browsers that support HTML5 markup:
  • Desktop Browsers
    • Edge
    • Internet Explorer 9 and later
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Opera
    • Safari
  • Mobile and Tablet Browsers
    • Edge
    • Internet Explorer 10 and later
    • Safari
    • Chrome
    • Android
    • Firefox Mobile
    • Opera Mobile

Technology Related to HTML5 Zero-footprint DICOM Viewer