Android Libraries - OCR, Barcode, PDF, DICOM, Viewers

LEADTOOLS includes native Android and Java libraries to leverage the state-of-the-art features in LEADTOOLS to create powerful applications for the Android platform with the utmost in quality and speed. Features OCR, barcode, PDF, DICOM, viewers, formats, image processing, annotations, compression and more.

Start Coding with LEADTOOLS

Download the Full Evaluation

The Full Evaluation Download includes all LEADTOOLS Document, Medical, Imaging, and Vector technologies for all development and target platforms. Get everything LEADTOOLS all in one convenient download.

Download Projects Using Android Native Binaries

LEADTOOLS provides many sample Java projects to jump start your Android development. Sample projects include Viewing, Android Camera, OCR, Barcode, PDF, Forms Recognition, Annotations and Markups, MICR, DICOM, and more!

Download Projects using NuGet

LEADTOOLS provides NuGet packages for .NET Framework, .NET Core, UWP, and Xamarin development. Download projects that reference our NuGets and start coding right away.

Documentation Links for Android

Demo Applications that Include Android

LEADTOOLS Native Mobile Apps

LEADTOOLS has published several of its demos as free application utilities to the App Store, Google Play, and Windows Store. They not only serve as useful tools for your device, but also demonstrate that using LEADTOOLS in your app can pass the stringent approval processes required by mobile device app stores.