Vital to any multimedia application is efficient encoding and decoding of audio and video streams. LEAD provides world-class codecs that offer the highest compression, speed, and playback quality of any other codecs on the market and will greatly enhance the performance of any .NET (C# & VB) and C/C++ application.

Below is a collection of audio and video codecs for Microsoft DirectShow and Media Foundation offered by LEAD. Multimedia files can be encoded with a variety of codecs, usually depending on the content and the objective of compressing the file. Whether you are creating files for playback on mobile devices, streaming over the web, archival, or any other purpose, LEAD has the right codec.

LEAD DirectShow & Media Foundation Video Codecs

LEAD DirectShow & Media Foundation Audio Codecs

Technology Related to Multimedia DirectShow & Media Foundation Codecs

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LEADTOOLS SDK Products that Include Multimedia DirectShow & Media Foundation Codecs

LEADTOOLS Multimedia v20

LEADTOOLS Multimedia is specifically designed for the development of audio/video applications across a wide variety of industries, including defense, broadcast, and security. The Multimedia SDK offers developers a full range of technologies that turn normally complex DirectShow and Media Foundation projects into simple tasks. The integration of core multimedia functionality, such as playback, capture, conversion, and processing into applications, is easier than ever before with LEADTOOLS Multimedia.

LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite v20

The LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK is a comprehensive collection of multimedia development technology that provides developers with everything they need to create enterprise-level multimedia applications for a wide variety of industries, including defense, broadcast, security, and more. By bundling features from the Multimedia SDK, DVD Module, Streaming Module, MPEG-2 Transport Module, Imaging Pro SDK, and Distributed Computing SDK, Multimedia Suite offers a tremendous value for the world-class technology it provides.

LEADTOOLS Audio and Video Codecs are very diverse and cover the gamut of multimedia features and technologies. Many codecs are included with base SDK products, while some can be added á la carte or bundled together with various add-on modules. See the Multimedia Product Comparison Chart for more details on how to obtain each codec.