Selection Pointer Tool

The selection pointer is the mouse pointer for selecting and manipulating annotation objects in design mode.

With the selection pointer, you can select one or more objects as follows:

When an object is selected, handles appear on the corners of its bounding rectangle. You can click on the body of the object and drag it to another position. You can click on a handle and drag to resize the object. If more than one object is selected, all of them are moved or resized.

In addition, you can use this pointer to rotate an object. If you hold down the shift key, click on a handle, and drag the mouse, the object rotates. If more than one object is selected, all of them are rotated, using the center of the group as the center of rotation. You cannot rotate a note, button, or audio clip. If you rotate a group that includes one of these objects, the object will move to the new position, but will retain its orientation.

The popup menu is also affected if more than one object is selected. In that case, when you click the right mouse button, the popup menu lets you change the properties of all the selected objects, and it lets you delete all the selected objects.

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