DigitalPaint C++ Class Library

Class Header File \Examples\ClassLibrary Comments
LRasterPaint LtcRst.H \MSVC\RASTER The LRasterPaint class provides low-level DigitalPaint functions for implementing painting applications.
LRasterDialog LtcRstDlg.H \MSVC\RASTER The LRasterDialog class provides DigitalPaint functions that provide support for the DigitalPaint common dialogs.
LRasterPaintWindow LtcRstWnd.H \MSVC\RASTER The LRasterPaintWindow class provides high-level DigitalPaint functions for creating painting applications.
LToolbar LtcTb.H \MSVC\RASTER Derived from the LBase class, the LToolbar class is used with the LContainer and the LAutomation classes. Use the LToolbar class to create predefined and user-defined toolbars.
LAutomation LtcAut.H \MSVC\RASTER Derived from the LBase class, the LAutomation class is used with the LContainer class. Use it to coordinate low-level toolkit functions, LEAD Container functions, and LEAD Toolbar functions.
LContainer LtcCon.h \MSVC\RASTER Provides high-level (automated mode) Digital Paint functionality.
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