Saving Window-Leveled Bitmaps

Only TIFF and DICOM file formats are capable of saving bitmaps that have been window-leveled. Extended grayscale images can be window-leveled by using LBitmap::ApplyLinearVOILUTLBitmap::WindowLevel(nLowBit, nHighBit, pLUT, uLUTLength, WINDOWLEVEL_PAINT_AND_PROCESSING) function, LBitmap::WindowLevelExt(nLowBit, nHighBit, pLUT, uLUTLength, WINDOWLEVEL_PAINT_AND_PROCESSING) function, or by loading an image from a file format that supports window-leveling. If a window-leveled image is saved as any other file format (other than extended grayscale TIFF or DICOM) , the image data will be converted before being saved.

The data is converted to the full bit range (LowBit = 0, HighBit = BitsPerPixel - 1) when BITMAPHANDLE.Flags.UseLUT is not set and data is linearly scaled from black for minimum intensity and to white for maximum intensity value. Otherwise; when the flag is set, it will resolve the corresponding RGB value from the LUT as the source color and convert that to destination bits per pixel.

When the bitmaps are saved as DICOM or TIFF, no conversion is made.

NOTE: To save a region inside a TIFF file, you must have an unlocked Document, or Medical Imaging license.

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