#include "ltwrappr.h"

static L_VOID LBase::UnloadLibraries (uLibraries, uSubLibraries)

Unloads specific LEADTOOLS library DLLs at run-time.


L_UINT32 uLibraries

Flag that indicates which LEADTOOLS library DLLs to unload. Possible values are given below, and may be combined.

Value Meaning
LT_KRN unload the ltkrnXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltkrnXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_DIS unload the ltdisXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltdisXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_FIL unload the ltfilXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltfilXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_IMG unload the ltimgXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltimgXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_EFX unload the ltefxXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltefxXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_DLG unload the ltdlgXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltdlgXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_TWN unload the lttwnXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or lttwnXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_SCR unload the ltscrXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltscrXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_ANN unload the ltannXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltannXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_NET unload the ltnetXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltnetXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LV_KRN unload the ltvkrnXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltvkrnXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LV_DLG unload the lvdlgXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or lvdlgXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_TMB unload the lttmbXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or lttmbXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_LST unload the ltlstXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltlstXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_BAR unload the ltbarXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltbarXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_ZMV unload the ltzmvXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltzmvXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_IMGOPT unload the ltimgoptXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltimgoptXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_ALL_LEADLIB unload any loaded LEADTOOLS libraries.

These values can be combined using the bitwise OR operator ( | ).

L_UINT32 uSubLibraries

Flag that indicates which LEADTOOLS dialog library DLLs to load, this value is only valid if uLibraries contains LT_DLG. Possible values are given below, and may be combined.

Value Meaning
LT_DLGIMGEFX load the ltdlgimgefxXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltdlgimgefxXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_DLGEFX load the ltdlgefxXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltdlgefxXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_DLGFILE load the ltdlgfileXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltdlgfileXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_DLGIMG load the ltdlgimgXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltdlgimgXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_DLGIMGDOC load the ltdlgimgdocXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltdlgimgdocXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_DLGCLR load the ltdlgclrXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltdlgclrXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_DLGKRN load the ltdlgkrnXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltdlgkrnXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_DLGWEB load the ltdlgwebXXn.dll for Non-Unicode or ltdlgwebXXnu.dll for Unicode.
LT_ALL_DLG load all available LEADTOOLS dialogs libraries.

These values can be combined using the bitwise OR operator ( | ).




Call this function to unload specific LEADTOOLS library DLLs at run-time. The specified constants will determine which libraries you want to unload. You can use this function to minimize the memory footprint of your program by loading and unloading the libraries you need when necessary.

Required DLLs and Libraries


Win32, x64.

See Also


For an example, refer to LBase::LoadLibraries.

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