Conversion Considerations

Conversion from one file format to another can take place when you load or save a file, or when you do file-to-file conversion.

The conversion process can include simultaneous resizing of an image. The process can also change the image's bits per pixel. The conversion process takes longer if either of these additional changes are included.

When reducing a file to a 4- or 8-bit format, LEADTOOLS must reduce the number of colors. Therefore, the image cannot be converted back to the original image format and retain its original colors.

When converting from 24 bits or less to a 32-bit file, the alpha channel will be filled with zeroes.

If you load a LEAD or JPEG file, converting it to 8 bits per pixel while loading, LEADTOOLS dithers the image using the fixed palette. If you would rather have an optimized palette, you should first load it as a 24-bit bitmap; then use LBitmapBase::ColorRes to reduce the image using an optimized palette.

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