typedef struct tagANNHITTESTINFO 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   L_INT nHandleIndex; 
   L_INT nHandleID; 
   L_INT nReserved; 

The ANNHITTESTINFO structure provides hit test information for the LAnnContainer::HitTest function.



Size of this structure. Use sizeof(ANNHITTESTINFO).


This is the zero-based index of the handle. This field is valid only if puResult of LAnnContainer::HitTest is updated with either ANNHIT_HANDLE or ANNHIT_USER_HANDLE. The default handles and the user handles are maintained internally as separate arrays of handles. This means that there is both a default handle "0" and a user handle "0". This index can be used with other annotation handle functions.


The unique ID associated with the user handle. The ID can be set with the LAnnXXX::AddUserHandle, LAnnXXX::ChangeUserHandle, or LAnnXXX::EnumerateHandles functions, where LAnnXXX represents the classes that support handles. These classes are as follows:


Reserved for future use. Set this field to zero.


For an example showing the use of this structure, refer to LAnnContainer::HitTest.

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