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UriOperationCredentials Property


Gets or sets authentication information used with URI-based operations

public ICredentials UriOperationCredentials { get; set; } 
Public Property UriOperationCredentials As ICredentials 
property ICredentials^ UriOperationCredentials { 
   ICredentials^ get(); 
   void set (    ICredentials^ ); 

Property Value

An ICredentials that contains the authentication credentials used with URI-based operations. The default is a null reference.


NOTE: This topic is part of RasterCodecs Async support using the .NET System.ComponentMode.AsyncOperation model. For .NET async/await support this type/member is not used. Instead, refer to RasterCodecs Async Operations.

The UriOperationCredentials is used to authenticate the required access to a remote resource.

To override the default credentials to use when accessing a remote resource, you must change the value of the UriOperationCredentials property prior to calling any of these methods:

To change the proxy information to use when accessing a remote resource, use the UriOperationProxy property.


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