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IsSvgAsync Method


Asynchronously determines quickly whether the stream contains SVG data.

public static Task<bool> IsSvgAsync( 
   this RasterCodecs rasterCodecs, 
   ILeadStream stream 



RasterCodecs object to perform the operation.


The stream containing the source image data.

Return Value

A Task that represents the asynchronous operation. TResult: true if the data is valid SVG; otherwise, false.


This topic is part of RasterCodecs support for .NET async/await support. Refer to RasterCodecs Async Operations for more information.

This method will check the beginning of the stream to determine whether it contains valid SVG data. This involves detecting the value <svg> tag and optionally the SVG namespaces. If this method returns true, then the data is most likely an SVG file and can be safely loaded. Note, however, that the data can possibly contain a corrupted or truncated SVG. In such a case, this method will still return true but subsequent calls to loading the SVG will fail.


For .NET Framework: A reference to the Leadtools.Async.dll assembly is required to use this functionality.

For .NET Standard: This functionality is included in the Leadtools.Codecs.dll assembly.

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