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XResolution Property


Gets or sets the horizontal resolution to use when rasterization document files.

public int XResolution { get; set; } 
Public Property XResolution As Integer 
@property (nonatomic, assign) NSUInteger xResolution 
public int getXResolution() 
public void setXResolution(int value) 
property int XResolution { 
   int get(); 
   void set (    int ); 

Property Value

An Int32 value that indicates the horizontal resolution to use when rasterization occurs on document files such as PDF and XPS. A value of 0 means use the current screen resolution. The default value is 150.


The resolution controls the pixel density of the resulting raster image. For example, if you specify 8.5 by 11 inches page width and height and a resolution of 96, the resulting image will have a pixel width and height of (8.5 * 96 = 816) and (11 * 96 = 1056) pixels. This is suitable for viewing at a 100 percent zoom but when you start zooming in, the image will get pixelated. Pixelation can also occur when sending the raster image to a printer, since printers usually have much higher resolution than a screen.

If zooming in or high quality printing is a requirement in your code, then a higher resolution value must be specified, for example 300 by 300. For an 8.5 by 11 inches document, this results in a raster image size if (8.5 * 300 = 2550) and (11 * 300 = 3300) pixels. More than suitable for printing or zooming in. Keep in mind that increasing the resolution will increase the memory used to hold the image data. Finding the right balance between pixel density and memory consumption depends on your application needs.

After the RasterImage is loaded, the image resolution set in RasterImage.XResolution and RasterImage.YResolution will be the same as XResolution and YResolution.

The vertical resolution is specified in YResolution. For most normal usage, the values of XResolution and YResolution should be equal.


For an example, refer to CodecsRasterizeDocumentLoadOptions.


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