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Image Property


Gets the RasterImage class instance that is being loaded.

public RasterImage Image { get; } 
Public ReadOnly Property Image As RasterImage 
public RasterImage getImage() 
property RasterImage^ Image { 
   RasterImage^ get(); 

Property Value

A RasterImage object that is being loaded, or a null reference if an error occurred.


NOTE: This topic is part of RasterCodecs Async support using the .NET System.ComponentMode.AsyncOperation model. For .NET async/await support this type/member is not used. Instead, refer to RasterCodecs Async Operations.

This instance is the same object returned from the RasterCodecs.LoadAsync method. While the asynchronous operation is running, the value of theRasterImage.IsLoading property will be true indicating that the object is being populated with the image data and should not be used. When the asynchronous operation completes, the RasterCodecs.LoadAsyncCompleted event will fire and Image will contain the final and ready to use object. If an error occurs, this property will be set to null and the object is disposed internally by the toolkit.

When an error occur, either the Error property is not a null reference or the Cancelled property is true.


For an example, refer to RasterCodecs.LoadAsyncCompleted.


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