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RasterCodecs Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property
AsyncWebClient Gets the WebClient object used for asynchronous operations.
Public Property CachedPreloadCodecs Gets the current setting for the cached preload codecs count.
Public Property FastFileInfo Enables or disables fast file info processing.
Public Property FixedPreloadCodecs Gets the current setting for the fixed preload codecs count.
Public Property IgnoreCodecsList Gets the current ignore codecs list.
Public Property IsAsyncBusy Gets a value that determines whether this RasterCodecs object is currently busy with an asynchronous operation on a URL.
Public Property IsFeedLoadDone Determines if the feed-load process is done.
Public Property LoadStatus Gets a value that allows detection of whether the image was loaded with errors.
Public Property LoadThenResize A value that determine whether this RasterCodecs object should load the image entirely before resizing.
Public Property Options Gets or sets the load and save options for this RasterCodecs.
Public Property PreloadCodecsList Gets the current preload codecs list.
Public Property ThrowExceptionsOnInvalidImages A value indicating whether to throw an exception instead of returning a null reference on certain methods of this RasterCodecs object.
Public Property UriOperationBufferSize Gets or sets the size of the buffer used in URI-based load or information operations.
Public Property UriOperationCredentials Gets or sets authentication information used with URI-based operations
Public Property UriOperationProxy Gets or sets proxy information used with URI-based operations

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