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SaveCmykPlanes(RasterImage,string,RasterImageFormat,int,int,CodecsSavePageMode) Method


Saves the pages of an image as a CMYK TIFF or JPEG file.

Public Overloads Sub SaveCmykPlanes( _ 
   ByVal image As RasterImage, _ 
   ByVal fileName As String, _ 
   ByVal format As RasterImageFormat, _ 
   ByVal bitsPerPlane As Integer, _ 
   ByVal pageNumber As Integer, _ 
   ByVal pageMode As CodecsSavePageMode _ 
- (BOOL)saveCmykPlanes:(LTRasterImage *)image  
                  file:(NSString *)file  
                 error:(NSError **)error 


The image that contains the CMKY planes to be saved.

A String containing the name of the image file to save.

Specifies the output file format. Valid values are:

Resulting bits per pixel for each plane. Possible values:

Value Meaning
0 Default bits per pixel. LEADTOOLS will pick the closest valid value.
8 Save 8 bits per component. The generated file will contain 32 bits (no alpha) or 40 bits (if alpha). Note that GetInformation or GetInformationAsyncwill report 8 bits less (24 or 32-bit).
16 Save 16 bits per component. The generated file will contain 64 bits (no alpha) or 80 bits (if alpha). Note that GetInformation or GetInformationAsyncwill report 16 bits less (48 or 64-bit). This is not available for saving JPEG CMYK files.

Specifies the reference page number when saving a multipage file.

Determines how to handle the page when saving to multipage formats.


This method will save a CMYK file without performing a color conversion. Each page in the image will contain one of the C, M, Y, K, Alpha planes. The Alpha plane is optional. The image should contain:

  • 4 pages if you do not save alpha channel information or
  • 5 pages if you save alpha channel information

The pages are in this order: C, M, Y, K, Alpha (optional). All the pages must have the same width, height, bits per pixel and palette.

If you want to save the pages of the image as a file format not supported by this function, use ColorMergeCommand to create a BGR image and save the generated image using the Save method.

CMYK TIFF files can be saved as planar (each image in its own plane) or chunky (the data from all the images will be interleaved during saving). Planar images will be saved faster, while chunky images are more compatible (some TIFF readers will not read planar files) and require less memory during the load process. The default is to save chunky files.

You select the planar save mode by setting the RasterCodecs.Options.Tiff.Save.SavePlanar property to true.

This method uses the values of RasterCodecs.Options.Tiff.Save.ImageFileDirectoryOffset.

This method can also be used to copy or extract one or more pages from a TIFF file and copy them without recompression to another TIFF file. Whenever you save an image containing a region as a TIFF file format, the region is also saved. Note, however, that the ability to save a region inside a TIFF file must be unlocked. This requires a Document Imaging or Document Imaging toolkit.


Refer to LoadCmykPlanes.


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