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CodecsHtmlEngine Enumeration


The HTML engine to use when rendering HTML files.

public enum CodecsHtmlEngine 
Public Enum CodecsHtmlEngine 
   enum class CodecsHtmlEngine sealed 


0AutoUse the default engine for the platform
1IEUse Internet Explorer
2WebKitUse the WebKit rendering engine (requires additional download)


LEADTOOLS currently supports the following HTML rendering engines:

  • IE (Internet Explorer)

This engine uses the default Internet Explorer rendering engine that comes with the Windows operating system.

This engine is only supported by the Windows platform.

  • WebKit Requires additional download

This engine uses the WebKit rendering engine. To enable it, the user must first download and install the operating system-related files from https://wkhtmltopdf.org/downloads.html.

The library needed by LEADTOOLS is wkhtmltox.dll for Windows and wkhtmltox.so for Linux. Extracting this file from the setup above and then placing it next to the other LEADTOOLS libraries is sufficient.


The WebKit rendering engine is not included in your LEADTOOLS setup and has to be obtained separately by the user.

In addition to the above, Leadtools.WebKitEngine.dll for .NET or LtWebKitEngine?.dll/so for CDLL platforms from your LEADTOOLS setup must be included in the application (next to Leadtools.Codecs.Htm.dll or lfhtm?.dll/so).

This engine is supported by the Windows, Linux and macOS platforms.

  • Auto

The following behavior occurs when Auto (the default value) is used:

Windows: LEADTOOLS will search for Leadtools.WebKitEngine/ltWebKitEngine and wkhtmltox.dll/so. If found, then WebKit is used. Otherwise, IE is used.

Linux/macOS: Will always search for ltWebKitEngine and wkhtmltox.so. If not found, then loading of HTML is not supported.


For an example, refer to CodecsHtmlOptions.


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