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CodecsDocumentImageInfo Class


Provides information specific to document images.

public class CodecsDocumentImageInfo 
Public Class CodecsDocumentImageInfo  
@interface LTCodecsDocumentImageInfo : NSObject 
public class CodecsDocumentImageInfo 
public ref class CodecsDocumentImageInfo  


LEADTOOLS provides support for loading a document as a raster image. Document formats such as PDF, XPS, DOCX/DOC, PPTX/PPT, XLSS/XLS, RTF and Text do not contain physical width, height or resolution. It is up to the loader (in this case, the RasterCodecs object) to specify the transformation from logical coordinates to physical pixels through a process called rasterization. For more information, refer to CodecsRasterizeDocumentLoadOptions.

The CodecsDocumentImageInfo class contains properties that specify the original document logical size on disk. This can be useful when calculating the rasterization parameters based on your application viewing needs. The CodecsDocumentImageInfo class contains the following members:

Member Description

true if the image file or stream passed to RasterCodecs.GetInformation or RasterCodecs.GetInformationAsync was a document file such as PDF or XPS and the other members of CodecsDocumentImageInfo are valid. false, otherwise.


The original width of the document page in Unit


The original height of the document page in Unit


The unit for PageWidth and PageHeight

These values specify the original size of the document on disk regardless of the settings of current document rasterization. The CodecsImageInfo.Width, CodecsImageInfo.Height, CodecsImageInfo.XResolution and CodecsImageInfo.YResolution contains the size of the final rasterized document in physical units.

The original document format is returned as usual in CodecsImageInfo.Format.

The CodecsDocumentImageInfo instance is returned in the CodecsImageInfo.Document property of the CodecsImageInfo object returned by all the RasterCodecs.GetInformation or RasterCodecs.GetInformationAsync methods.


For an example, refer to CodecsRasterizeDocumentLoadOptions.


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