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GetOptimizedLoadData() Method


Gets the current optimized load data for the RasterCodecs object.

public CodecsOptimizedLoadData GetOptimizedLoadData() 
Public Function GetOptimizedLoadData() As CodecsOptimizedLoadData 
   CodecsOptimizedLoadData^ GetOptimizedLoadData() 

Return Value

A CodecsOptimizedLoadData object containing the current flat (unmanaged) optimized load data being used by this RasterCodecs object. The method can return null if the current RasterCodecs object is not using non-flat (unmanaged) optimized load data, or the last file format used did not support optimized load data.


There are two types of optimized load data (the actual type is determined by the source file format):

  1. Flat (unmanaged). This method can only return a CodecsOptimizedLoadData object for this type of optimized load data.

  2. Non-flat (unmanaged). This method cannot return this type of data for backward-compatibility reasons. GetOptimizedLoadData() will return null if the optimized load data is of this type. Instead, call GetOptimizedLoadData(true) to obtain this type of load data.

This method is equivalent to GetOptimizedLoadData(bool). Load data obtained with this method contains only managed data, so it does not need to be disposed.

Newer applications are encouraged to use GetOptimizedLoadData(bool) instead of this method.

For more information, refer to Using the OptimizedLoad Functions to Speed Loading Large Files.


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