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DisplayDepth Property


Gets or sets the resulting raster image pixel depth.

public int DisplayDepth { get; set; } 
Public Property DisplayDepth As Integer 
@property (nonatomic, assign) NSInteger displayDepth 
public int getDisplayDepth() 
public void setDisplayDepth(int value) 
property int DisplayDepth { 
   int get(); 
   void set (    int ); 

Property Value

The resulting raster image pixel depth, valid values are 0, 1, 4, 8, or 24. The default value is 0 for auto-detect.


Possible values are:

Value Description
0 Auto-detect. The resulting image will have the same bits per pixel as the requested page in the source PDF file. Internally, the toolkit will use the bits per pixel value of the first image item found on the page. If the page does not have any image items, the result will be 24 bits per pixel. Use this value only when the source file is a raster PDF.
1 1 bit per pixel in the resulting image.
4 4 bit per pixel in the resulting image.
8 8 bit per pixel in the resulting image.
24 24 bit per pixel in the resulting image.

Refer to CodecsRasterPdfInfo for information on how to use RasterCodecs.GetRasterPdfInfo to obtain this value from a PDF file saved with RasterCodecs.

This option affects the PDF format when UsePdfEngine is set to true to use Leadtools.Pdf.Utilities.dll, it still affects Postscript format.


For an example, refer to CodecsPdfOptions.


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