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DetectTextDecoration Property


Detects whether a line in a PDF file is to be converted to an underline or strikethrough text decoration.

public bool DetectTextDecoration { get; set; } 
Public Property DetectTextDecoration As Boolean 
@property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL DetectTextDecoration 
public boolean getDetectTextDecoration() 
public void setDetectTextDecoration(boolean value) 
property bool DetectTextDecoration { 
   bool get(); 
   void set (    bool ); 

Property Value

true to automatically detect whether lines are underline or strikethrough text decorations; otherwise, false. The default value is true.


The value of this property is used only when converting PDF to SVG or in operations that use PDF to SVG conversions internally (such as the Document Converter).

Text decoration detection is fast, so it is turned on by default. This operation is necessary because PDF does not have the concept of underline or strikethrough text. Instead of marking the text as "underline", PDF writers add lines under or over the text. So if you convert PDF files containing text to another format (for example SVG, DOC/DOCX), if this property is disabled, the output files will have text and lines (the underline attribute of text will not be set). If this property is turned on, the text in the output file will be marked as underline or strikethrough.

It is best to leave this property on. But you can try to turn it off if you have conversion problems.

In most cases, set the value of this property using DocumentFactory.RasterCodecsTemplate. For example, to set this property to false, you will do something like this:

/* This is a C# example, but the example in the other languages is very similar */ 
DocumentFactory.RasterCodecsTemplate.Options.Pdf.Load.DetectTextDecoration = false; 


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