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Stream Property


Gets the stream this asynchronous operation is using.

public Stream Stream { get; } 
Public ReadOnly Property Stream As Stream 
property Stream^ Stream { 
   Stream^ get(); 

Property Value

The Stream this asynchronous operation is using.


NOTE: This topic is part of RasterCodecs Async support using the .NET System.ComponentMode.AsyncOperation model. For .NET async/await support this type/member is not used. Instead, refer to RasterCodecs Async Operations.

Only one of the following can be a valid value (not a null reference) at any time: Uri, Stream or FileName. The property that contains a valid reference depends on what version of RasterCodecs.GetInformationAsync, RasterCodecs.LoadAsync or RasterCodecs.SaveAsync method has been called.

For example, if RasterCodecs.LoadAsync(Uri uri, object userState) is being called, the Uri will contain the same URI passed to the method while Stream and FileName will both be null.

If RasterCodecs.LoadAsync(String fileName, object userState) is being called, the FileName will contain the same file name string value passed to the method while Uri and Stream will both be null and so on.


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