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SavePdfv17 Property


Gets or sets a value indicating whether the PDF file should be saved as PDF v1.7.

public bool SavePdfv17 { get; set; } 
Public Property SavePdfv17 As Boolean 
property bool SavePdfv17 { 
   bool get(); 
   void set (    bool ); 

Property Value

true to save the file as PDF v1.7; otherwise it will be saved as PDF v1.2.


Note: It is recommended you use the Version property instead of SavePdfA, SavePdfv13, SavePdfv14, SavePdfv15 and SavePdfv16. Version provides a clearer view of what the final version of the raster PDF will be when saving with LEADTOOLS. Setting Version will automatically toggles the various SavePdfXYZ properties accordingly and setting these properties might change the value of Version.

PDF/A is a subset of the PDF standard that contains only those features that are suited for long-term archival. Primarily this means that the document will be completely self-contained: it includes all content, font and color information.


For an example, refer to CodecsPdfOptions.


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