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GetOptimizedLoadData(bool) Method


Gets the current optimized load data.

public CodecsOptimizedLoadData GetOptimizedLoadData( 
    bool allowUnmanagedData 
Public Function GetOptimizedLoadData( 
   ByVal allowUnmanagedData As Boolean 
) As CodecsOptimizedLoadData 
   CodecsOptimizedLoadData^ GetOptimizedLoadData( 
      bool allowUnmanagedData 



Set to true to get managed (flat) or unmanaged(non-flat) load data.

Set to false to get only managed (flat) load data.

Return Value

CodecsOptimizedLoadData object containing the current optimize load data being used by this RasterCodecs object or null if the current RasterCodecs object is not using optimize load, or the last file format used does not support it, or the optimized load data is not compatible with the allowUnmanagedData parameter.

If the file format uses non-flat (unmanaged) load data:

If the file format uses flat managed load data, both GetOptimizedLoadData(true) and GetOptimizedLoadData(false) will return a CodecsOptimizedLoadData.


Important note: unmanaged or non-flat filter data is still owned by the RasterCodecs object. This means that the object returned by this method might be disposed if you load or obtain information about another file. You can take ownership of this object by calling DetachOptimizedLoadData.

GetOptimizedLoadData() is equivalent to GetOptimizedLoadData(false).

For more information, refer to Using the OptimizedLoad Functions to Speed Loading Large Files.


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