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Leadtools.Codecs Enumerations


Overview and description of Leadtools Codecs enumerations.

Enumeration Description
CodecsAbcQualityFactor Indicates the pre-defined quality factor for saving images using LEAD Advanced Bitonal Compression (ABC).
Enumeration CodecsAnzView Indicates the view to use when loading ANZ (Analyze) images.
Enumeration CodecsCmpQualityFactorPredefined Indicates the pre-defined quality factor for saving LEAD CMP compressed images.
Enumeration CodecsCodecLoadMode The handling mode for a file codec.
Enumeration CodecsColorSpaceType Indicates the colorspace of the image data
Enumeration CodecsCompression Indicates the compression type.
Enumeration CodecsDecompressDataFlags Indicates the state of the decompression engine.
Enumeration CodecsExtensionListFlags Flags that indicate the type of data contained in the Exif extensions.
Enumeration CodecsHtmlEngine The HTML engine to use when rendering HTML files.
Enumeration CodecsJpeg2000CompressionControl Indicates the compression control method.
Enumeration CodecsJpeg2000PrecinctSize Values to specify the size of JPEG 2000 compressed packets, provides a mean of random access into a JPEG 2000 compressed stream.
Enumeration CodecsJpeg2000ProgressionsOrder Indicates the order of progression.
Enumeration CodecsJpeg2000RegionOfInterest Indicates which region of interest to use.
Enumeration CodecsLoadByteOrder Indicates the desired byte order when loading image files.
Enumeration CodecsLoadImageFlags Describes whether this is the first or last call of the event, and whether the buffer contains first or last row of image data.
Enumeration CodecsOverlayCallbackMode Indicates the overlay callback mode.
Enumeration CodecsPageEventCommand Indicates the action to take regarding the load/save operation.
Enumeration CodecsPageEventState Indicates the state of the page load/save process.
Enumeration CodecsPdfTextEncoding Indicates the type of text encoding to perform when saving PDF images.
Enumeration CodecsPhotoInterpolation Indicates color information.
Enumeration CodecsPlanarConfiguration Indicates the planar configuration of the image data.
Enumeration CodecsPsdChannelType Indicates the PSD channel type.
Enumeration CodecsRasterizeDocumentSizeMode Specifies the transformation to use when converting the logical size specified in the current document rasterization options to the final physical raster image size.
Enumeration CodecsRasterizeDocumentUnit Specifies the unit of a document page width, height or margins.
Enumeration CodecsRasterPdfVersion Indicates the PDF file version.
Enumeration CodecsSavePageMode Indicates the operation to perform when saving multipage files.
Enumeration CodecsStartDecompressDataType Indicates the data format.
Enumeration CodecsTiffPhotometricInterpretation Indicates the photometric interpretation value for TIFF images.
Enumeration CodecsTransformFlags Indicates the transform to perform.
Enumeration CodecsTransformMarkerAction Indicates the action to take when processing a marker.
Enumeration CodecsVectorUnit Indicates the unit of measure for the vector image file.
Enumeration CodecsVectorViewMode Indicates the view mode for rasterizing a vector image.
Enumeration CodecsVffView Indicates the view to use when loading VFF (Sun TAAC Bitmap) images.
Enumeration CsvColorMode Controls which colors to use for alternating rows, alternating columns, or header and body when rendering CSV files. The default mode is Auto.
Enumeration CsvHorizontalCellAlignment Indicates the horizontal cell alignment.
Enumeration CsvVerticalCellAlignment Indicates the vertical cell alignment.
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