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IsMultiLoadResolutionWithPalette Property


Determines whether the file has a palette and multiple-resolutions.

public bool IsMultiLoadResolutionWithPalette {get;} 
Public ReadOnly Property IsMultiLoadResolutionWithPalette() As Boolean 
   property bool IsMultiLoadResolutionWithPalette 
      bool get() 

Property Value

true if the file has a palette and multiple-resolutions; otherwise, false.


Some file formats such as JPEG2000 support multiple resolutions, and if the file has a palette, then applying it to the lower resolution would produce very low quality images.

For instance, when getting the image information of a lossless J2K file with multiple resolutions and a palette (8 bits per pixel), the value of IsMultiLoadResolutionWithPalette will be true. Loading the image at the highest resolution will apply the palette and produce proper image data (as 8-bit color).

At the lower resolution, the pixel values are not accurate and if the palette is applied it will produce bad quality data (grayscale). Therefore, if the value of IsMultiLoadResolutionWithPalette is true, the user should not load the image at a lower resolution for display purposes.


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