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CodecsTiffSaveOptions Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property
BigTiff Gets a value that indicates whether the file should be saved in BigTIFF format.
Public Property ImageFileDirectoryOffset Gets or sets the offset within a TIFF file where a page starts.
Public Property NoLzwAutoClear Gets a value indicating whether to automatically insert CLEAR codes during LZW compression.
Public Property NoPageNumber Enables or disables updating the PageNumber tag associated with the pages of a multipage TIFF file.
Public Property NoPalette Enables or disables saving a TIFF file as grayscale, without a palette.
Public Property NoSubFileType Enables or disables writing a subfile type TIFF tag when writing any TIFF file.
Public Property PhotometricInterpretation Gets or sets the Photometric Interpretation.
Public Property PreservePalette Enables and disables preservation of the palette when saving TIFF CCITT files.
Public Property SavePlanar Gets a value indicating whether to save CMYK TIFF data as planar.
Public Property TileHeight Gets or sets the height of the tile to use when saving TIFF files.
Public Property TileWidth Gets or sets the width of the tile to use when saving TIFF files.
Public Property UseImageFileDirectoryOffset Enables or disables using the IFD offset.
Public Property UsePhotometricInterpretation Enables or disables using Photometric Interpretation when saving TIFF files.
Public Property UsePredictor Gets a value indicating whether to use a predictor when saving LZW data.
Public Property UseTileSize Enables and disables using the tile size when saving TIFF images.

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