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CodecsTiffLoadOptions Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by CodecsTiffLoadOptions.

Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property
IgnoreAdobeColorTransform Ignore the Adobe marker containing color transformations.
Public Property IgnorePhotometricInterpretation Enables or disables loading Flash-Pix files without the color transforms.
Public Property IgnoreViewPerspective Gets or sets a value that indicates whether to ignore the view perspective stored in the file.
Public Property ImageFileDirectoryOffset Gets or sets the offset within a TIFF file where a page starts.
Public Property J2kResolution Gets or sets the resolution to load when loading J2K streams.
Public Property UseFastConversion Enables or disables use of the fast color conversions when loading CMYK or CIELab files.
Public Property UseImageFileDirectoryOffset Enables or disables using the ImageFileDirectory (IFD) offset.

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