Feature Description

With LEADTOOLS, developers can load, save, and modify metadata for several different image and document formats such as JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, TIFF, PDF, DICOM, and more. Developers creating .NET (C# & VB), C/C++, WinRT, iOS, macOS, Java, and web applications can use LEADTOOLS to work with both standardized metadata types as well as custom metadata elements without wasting processor power on decompressing and recompressing image data.

"Metadata" refers to extra information that is stored within a file that may not be necessary for decoding the data. Metadata comes in the form of markers, tags, and comments, and typically contains information such as the manufacturer and model of the device used to capture the image, author, date and time of creation, and location that the image was captured.

Overview of LEADTOOLS File Metadata SDK Technology

Examples of File Formats that Support Metadata

Many file formats support metadata. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of today's most popular formats that store metadata.

Technology Related to File Metadata