Product Description

LEADTOOLS Pro Suite is a an extensive bundle in the LEADTOOLS Pro line of SDKs and includes HTML5 Zero-footprint image viewers, barcode detect/read/write, advanced PDF read/write/view/edit, 150+ image formats, image compression, image processing, image viewers, imaging common dialogs, 200+ display effects, TWAIN and WIA scanning, screen capture, and printing. Developers using LEADTOOLS Pro Suite can develop robust imaging applications and solutions at a fraction of the cost of similar feature sets found elsewhere on the market.

LEADTOOLS Pro Suite is an incredible value and offers a wide variety of imaging application development opportunities. However, it can still be extended with more advanced technology including viewing PDF as vector, document format conversion, and document cleanup and pre-processing. Take a look at the Document Imaging Family for more details.

What's Included in the LEADTOOLS Pro Suite SDK?



Image Load, Save, Conversion, and Compression

Image Processing

Image Viewers and Display

Image Capture and Scanning

LEADTOOLS Pro Suite Includes Technology From

All of the technology from the following products is included with LEADTOOLS Pro Suite:

LEADTOOLS Pro Suite can be Upgraded to Add Specialized Imaging Technology

LEADTOOLS Pro Suite is the base SDK for other more advanced LEADTOOLS imaging products. These more advanced products include all of the imaging technology contained in the LEADTOOLS Pro Suite product and add supplementary advanced and/or specialized technology.

Platforms and Programming Interfaces

Support and Documentation