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IAnnAutomationControl Interface Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
AutomationAntiAlias Gets or sets a value that indicate whether anti-aliasing should be used during rendering.
AutomationContainerIndex Gets or sets the active container index.
AutomationDataProvider Gets or sets the data provider to use for getting and setting image data.
AutomationDpiX Gets the horizontal resolution of the screen.
AutomationDpiY Gets the vertical resolution of the screen.
AutomationEnabled Gets a value that indicates whether the automation control is enabled and can received mouse, touch or keyboard events.
AutomationGetContainersCallback Gets or sets the callback that is used to obtain the collection of annotation containers used by the automation.
AutomationObject Gets or sets the automation object.
AutomationScrollOffset Gets the scroll offset being used by the control.
AutomationTransform Gets the matrix object that represents the current transformation for the annotations objects.
AutomationUseDpi Gets a value that indicate whether to use the resolution values when viewing an image.
AutomationXResolution Gets the horizontal resolution of the image.
AutomationYResolution Gets the vertical resolution of the image.
RenderingEngine Gets or sets the rendering engine associated with this control.
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