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AnnContainer Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by AnnContainer.

Public Constructors

Name Description
AnnContainer Initializes a new AnnContainer with default settings.

Public Methods

Name Description
Clone Creates an exact copy of this AnnContainer object.
Create Creates a new AnnContainer with the specified offset, size and mapper.
HitTestPoint Performs hit-testing on this AnnContainer at the specified point.
HitTestRect Performs hit-testing on this AnnContainer at the specified rectangle.
Resize Resizes this container to the speccified size using the specified options.
Rotate Rotates this AnnContainer and its children by the specified value.
Select For internal use.
Unselect For internal use.

Public Properties

Name Description
ActiveLayer Gets or sets the active layer in this container.
Children Gets the collection of AnnObjects in this AnnContainer.
Fill Gets or sets the object to use when filling the interior of this AnnContainer.
GroupsRoles Gets or sets the AnnGroupsRoles associated with this container.
HitTestBehavior Gets or sets a value that determines how objects are hit-tested using a selection rectangle.
HitTestBuffer Gets or sets the threshold buffer value for hit testing.
IsEnabled Gets or sets a value indicating whether the object is enabled.
IsVisible Gets or sets a value indicating whether the object is visible.
Labels Gets the collection of labels to render on top of this AnnContainer.
Layers Gets the collection of AnnLayers in this AnnContainer.
Mapper Gets or sets the mapper for this AnnContainer.
Offset Gets or sets the offset of this AnnContainer.
PageNumber Gets or sets the page number associated with this AnnContainer.
SelectionObject Gets or sets the selection object used by this AnnContainer.
Size Gets or sets the size of this AnnContainer.
Stroke Gets or sets the object to use when drawing the border of this AnnContainer.
UserData Gets or sets a user-defined value associated with this container
UserMode Gets or sets the user mode.

Public Events

Name Description
ObjectAdded Occurs when an object is added to the AnnContainer. AnnObjectCollectionEventArgs
ObjectRemoved Occurs when an object is removed from the AnnContainer. AnnObjectCollectionEventArgs
ObjectsPropertyChanged Occurs when any property of any AnnObject in this container changes. AnnPropertyChangedEventArgs

Public Fields

Name Description
IsModified Indicates that the objects in this container have been modified.
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