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AnnLabel Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Background Gets or sets the AnnBrush used to draw the background of this AnnLabel.
Font Gets or sets the AnnFont for this AnnLabel.
Foreground Gets or sets the AnnBrush used to draw the foreground of this AnnLabel.
IsVisible Shows or hides this AnnLabel.
Offset Gets or sets the offset of this AnnLabel.
OffsetHeight Gets or sets a value that indicate whether to offset the label from the bottom-left instead of top-left position.
OriginalPosition Gets or sets the original position of this AnnLabel.
Parent Gets or sets the owner annotation object.
PositionMode Gets or sets a value that controls how the label is positioned from its Parent.
RenderedLabelBounds Gets or sets the bounding rectangle of the label as it was last rendered.
RestrictionMode Gets or sets the restriction mode for this AnnLabel.
RestrictionRectangle Gets or sets the uiser restriction rectangle for this AnnLabel.
StateId Gets or sets the optional state ID of this label to be used with state rendering engines.
Text Gets or sets the text to be displayed by this AnnLabel.
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