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Leadtools.Annotations.Core Enumerations


Overview and description of Leadtools Annotations Core enumerations.

Enumeration Description
AnnAngularUnit Represents the unit of measurement to be used for angles.
AnnDesignerOperationStatus Indicates the status of the current AnnDesigner object.
AnnEditDesignerOperation Indicates the current AnnEditDesigner operation.
AnnFillRule Specifies how the intersecting areas of objects contained in a polygon are combined to form the total area.
AnnFixedStateOperations Options for controlling the fixed state of an annotation object
AnnFontStretch Defines the degree to which a font form is stretched from its normal aspect ratio.
AnnFontStyle Defines the style of an AnnFont.
AnnFontWeight Refers to the density of a typeface, in terms of the lightness or heaviness of the strokes.
AnnFormat Represents supported annotation file formats.
AnnHatchStyle Enumeration listing the different patterns available for AnnHatchBrush.
AnnHitTestBehavior Indicates the hit-test behavior.
AnnHorizontalAlignment Indicates how text should be displayed on the horizontal axis.
AnnKeys Indicates a key code.
AnnLabelPositionMode Indicates how the label is positioned relative to its parent.
AnnLabelRestriction Indicates the restriction mode of AnnLabel objects.
AnnLinearGradientMode Specifies the direction of a linear gradient.
AnnMouseButton Indicates a mouse button.
AnnNotifyCollectionChangedAction Describes the action that caused the event to occur.
AnnOperationType Specifies an annotation operation type.
AnnPointerPosition Controls the position of the arrow head for the AnnPointerObject.
AnnRenderState Indicates different state of an AnnObject that can be rendered.
AnnResizeContainerFlags Flags for the AnnContainer.Resize method.
AnnResizeMode Determines how to resize the container in the new dimension values.
AnnRubberStampType Represents the types of rubber stamps available for the AnnRubberStampObject annotation object.
AnnSizeMode Specifies how to render a picture inside the destination bounding rectangle.
AnnStrokeAlignment Specifies the alignment of the stroke width.
AnnStrokeLineCap Indicates the cap style for ending a line.
AnnStrokeLineJoin Indicates how to join two lines in a path.
AnnTextDecorations Controls options for the AnnFont used by various LEADTOOLS annotation objects.
AnnTextRotate Indicates how much the text is to be rotated and in which direction.
AnnTransparentMode Specifies how to treat the transparent color of an AnnPicture.
AnnUnit Represents the unit of measurement for lengths and positions.
AnnUserMode Specifies the user mode for all objects in this container. Design mode is for creating objects; run mode is for viewing them.
AnnVerticalAlignment Indicates how text should be displayed on the vertical axis.
PropertyChangedStatus Provides data for the property changed status
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