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AnnContainerMapper Class Methods


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Public Methods

Name Description
Calibrate Sets the ruler calibration scale.
Clone Creates an exact copy of this AnnContainerMapper
CreateDefault Creates a default mapper.
FontFromContainerCoordinates Converts a font from container coordinates.
FontToContainerCoordinates Converts a font to container coordinates.
LengthFromContainerCoordinates Converts a length from container coordinates.
LengthToContainerCoordinates Converts a length to container coordinates.
MapResolutions Update this mapper with the specified DPI values.
PointFromContainerCoordinates Converts a point from container coordinates.
PointsFromContainerCoordinates Converts an array of points from container coordinates.
PointsToContainerCoordinates Convert an array of points to container coordinates.
PointToContainerCoordinates Converts a point to container coordinates.
RectFromContainerCoordinates Converts a rectangle from container coordinates.
RectToContainerCoordinates Converts a rectangle to container coordinates.
SizeFromContainerCoordinates Converts a size from container coordinates.
SizeToContainerCoordinates Converts a size to container coordinates.
StrokeFromContainerCoordinates Converts a stroke to container coordinates.
UpdateTransform Updates the transformation matrix used by this mapper.
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