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AnnReview Class


Represents an annotation review comment item.


WinRT C#
public class AnnReview 
Public Class AnnReview  
public sealed class AnnReview  
public class AnnReview 
function Leadtools.Annotations.Core.AnnReview() 
   ref class AnnReview 


Each AnnObject contains its own list of AnnReview objects that can be used to add review comments and replies to the annotation object. This system is similar to the comments support in application such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat and can be used to create an application that supports annotation collabaration of multiple users.

The AnnObject.Reviews is a list of objects that is empty by default. The annotations and automations framework do not update this list automatically. Instead, it left to the application. For an example of an implementation, refer to the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer Demo.

AnnReview contains the AnnReviews.Replies list where each item is also an AnnReview, therefore, AnnObject supports a hierarchy of review objects where each item can have replies and each reply can have its own list of replies. The overall representation of AnnReview in an annotation object is a tree where the root is the owner AnnObject itself.

AnnObject.Reviews is serialized and de-serialized with the owner annotation object and hence, it is saved and loaded when the parent AnnContainer is saved and loaded using AnnCodecs.

AnnReview contains members that can be used to create the application specific review system. The LEADTOOLS annotations and automation framework do not use the reviews. The description of each member is a recommended way the value is used by a review system but can be changed depending on the application.

Each AnnReview object contain the following members:

Member Description

The author of this review item. Applications usually sets this to the current logged in user name or ID.


The date this item was created. Applications usually sets this to the date and time the user created the review item.


The status of this item. This can be any application specific value such as "Accepted" or "Rejected".


Indicates whether this item was checked (approved). This is application specific and optional. It can be used to show a checkbox or mark next to the review in the user interface to indicate that the item was "checked".


Free flowing text that contains any additional notes or comments about this item.


The list of replies to this item. This creates the hierarchy of reviews and their replies.

The Status value is a generic string that can contain any string value. However, most review systems contain frequently used status values such as "Accepted", "Rejected" and so forth. AnnReview contains constant string values that can be used in the application:

Member Description

No particular status or has not been set yet. The constant value is the string "None"


Indicates the item is created. The constant value is the string "Created".


Indicates the item is modified. The constant value is the string "Modified".


Indicates the item is cancelled. The constant value is the string "Cancelled".


Indicates the item is rejected. The constant value is the string "Rejected".


Indicates the item is accepted. The constant value is the string "Accepted".


Indicates the item is completed. The constant value is the string "Completed".


Indicates the item is a reply. The constant value is the string "Reply".

LEADTOOLS Document Viewer demo uses the review system as described above. Refer to the demo source code for an example.


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