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Reviews Property


Gets the items that can be used to add review comments and replies to this AnnObject.


WinRT C#
public IList<AnnReview> Reviews { get; } 
Public ReadOnly Property Reviews As IList(Of AnnReview) 
public Windows.Foundation.Collections.IVector //In WinRT the IList interface is replaced by IVector<AnnReview> Reviews {get;} 
public java.util.List<AnnReview> getReviews() 
   property IList<AnnReview^>^ Reviews 
      IList<AnnReview^>^ get() 

Property Value

A list of AnnReview items that can be used to add review comments and replies to this AnnObject. Default value is empty list ready to be used.


Each AnnObject contains its own list of AnnReview objects that can be used to add review comments and replies to the annotation object. This system is similar to the comments support in application such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat and can be used to create an application that supports annotation collabaration of multiple users.

The Reviews is a list of objects that is empty by default. The annotations and automations framework do not update this list automatically. Instead, it left to the application. For an example of an implementation, refer to the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer Demo.

AnnReview contains the AnnReviews.Replies list where each item is also an AnnReview, therefore, AnnObject supports a hierarchy of review objects where each item can have replies and each reply can have its own list of replies. The overall representation of AnnReview in an annotation object is a tree where the root is the owner AnnObject itself.

Reviews is serialized and de-serialized with the owner annotation object and hence, it is saved and loaded when the parent AnnContainer is saved and loaded using AnnCodecs.

Refer to AnnReview for more information.


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