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Leadtools.Annotations.Core Classes


Overview and description of Leadtools Annotations Core classes.

Class Description
AnnAudioObject Defines an audio object.
AnnBrush Defines abstract objects used to fill an annotation object. Classes that derive from AnnBrush describe how the area is filled
AnnCodecs Provides support for loading and saving objects to annotation files.
AnnCodecsInfo Represents Annotation file information.
AnnContainer Represents an annotation container.
AnnContainerCollection Represents a dynamic collection of AnnContainer's and provides notifications when items are added or removed.
AnnContainerMapper Provides methods for converting values between display, annotations and image coordinates.
AnnCrossProductObject Defines an annotation cross-product object.
AnnCurveObject Defines an annotation curve object.
AnnDataProvider Provider for annotations image data.
AnnDeserializeOptions Options to use when loading annotation objects.
AnnDrawDesignerEventArgs Provides data for the AnnAutomation.Draw event.
AnnEditContentEventArgs Provides data for the AnnAutomation.EditContent event.
AnnEditDesignerEventArgs Provides data for the AnnAutomation.Edit event.
AnnEditTextEventArgs Provides data for the AnnAutomation.EditText event.
AnnEllipseObject Defines an annotation ellipse object.
AnnEncryptObject Defines an annotation encrypt object.
AnnFont Defines a particular format for text, including font face, size, and style attributes using to draw annotation strings.
AnnFreehandHotspotObject Defines an annotation freehand hot spot object.
AnnGradientBrush Describes a brush with a gradient, composed of gradient stops.
AnnGradientStop Describes the location and color of a transition point in a gradient.
AnnGradientStopCollection Represents a dynamic collection of AnnGradientStop's and provides notifications when items are added or removed.
AnnGroupObject Provides support for creating and managing annotation group objects.
AnnGroupsRoles Provides support for user roles in the annotations framework.
AnnHatchBrush Defines a brush with a hatch style, foreground color, and background color.
AnnHiliteObject Defines an annotation hilite object.
AnnHotspotObject Defines an annotation hot spot object.
AnnImageObject Defines an annotation image object.
AnnLabel The AnnLabel class is used to display text elements of various LEADTOOLS annotation objects.
AnnLayer Defines an annotation layer to logically group common annotations objects.
AnnLayerCollection Represents a dynamic collection of AnnLayers and provides notifications when items are added or removed.
AnnLinearGradientBrush Describes a brush with a linear gradient.
AnnLoadPictureEventArgs Event data for the AnnRenderingEngine.LoadPicture event.
AnnLockObjectEventArgs Provides data for the AnnAutomation.LockObject event.
AnnMedia Defines a media (audio or video) source.
AnnMediaObject Defines a media (Audio or Video) object.
AnnNoteObject Defines an annotation note object.
AnnNotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for the AnnObservableCollection.CollectionChanged event.
AnnObject Defines the base class for all annotation objects.
AnnObjectCollection Represents a dynamic collection of AnnObject's and provides notifications when items are added or removed.
AnnObjectCollectionEventArgs Provides data for the AnnContainer.ObjectAdded and AnnContainer.ObjectRemoved events.
AnnObservableCollection<T> A generic observable collection.
AnnOperationInfoEventArgs Defines an annotation operation information including its type and the annotation object involved.
AnnPicture Defines an annotation picture.
AnnPointerEventArgs Provides data for the IAnnAutomationControl.AutomationDoubleClick, IAnnAutomationControl.AutomationPointerDown, IAnnAutomationControl.AutomationPointerMove, and IAnnAutomationControl.AutomationPointerUp, events.
AnnPointerObject Defines an annotation pointer object.
AnnPointObject Defines an annotation point object.
AnnPolylineObject Defines an annotation polyline object.
AnnPolyRulerObject Defines an annotation polyruler object.
AnnPropertyChangedEventArgs Provides data for the AnnObject.PropertyChanged event.
AnnProtractorObject Defines an annotation protractor object.
AnnRectangleObject Defines an annotation rectangle object.
AnnRedactionObject Defines an annotation redaction object.
AnnRenderingEngine Defines a rendering engine for annotation objects.
AnnResources Contains default resources for various annotation objects.
AnnReview Represents an annotation review comment item.
AnnRoles List of roles used by the application.
AnnRubberStampObject Defines an annotation stamp object.
AnnRunDesignerEventArgs Provides data for the AnnAutomation.Run event.
AnnSelectionObject Defines an annotation select object.
AnnSerializeObjectEventArgs Represents the load and save options event data for annotation codecs .
AnnSerializeOptions Options to use when saving annotation objects.
AnnSnapToGridOptions Options for annotation snap to grid behavior in annotation automation design mode.
AnnSolidColorBrush Fills an annotation object with a solid color.
AnnStampObject Defines an annotation stamp object.
AnnStickyNoteObject Defines an annotation sticky note object.
AnnStroke Defines objects used to draw lines and curves for annotation objects.
AnnTextHiliteObject Defines an annotation hilite text review object.
AnnTextObject Provides support for creating and managing text annotation objects.
AnnTextPointerObject Defines an annotation stamp object text pointer object.
AnnTextRedactionObject Defines an annotation redaction text review object.
AnnTextReviewObject Base class for annotation text review objects
AnnTextRollupObject Defines an annotation text rollup object.
AnnTextStrikeoutObject Defines an annotation strikeout text review object.
AnnTextUnderlineObject Defines an annotation underline text review object.
AnnToolTipEventArgs Provides data for the AnnAutomation.ToolTip event.
AnnTransformer Provides functionality for scaling, translating, and rotating annotation points and rectangles.
AnnUnitConverter Defines a helper class for unit conversions and abbreviations.
LeadPointCollection Represents a dynamic collection of LeadPointD's and provides notifications when items are added or removed.
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