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SaveLayerAsync Method


Saves an annotation layer to a storage file data.


WinRT C#
Public Function SaveLayerAsync( _ 
   ByVal file As StorageFile, _ 
   ByVal layer As Leadtools.Annotations.Core.AnnLayer, _ 
   ByVal format As Leadtools.Annotations.Core.AnnFormat, _ 
   ByVal savePageNumber As Integer _ 
) As IAsyncAction 
 function Leadtools.Annotations.Core.AnnCodecs.SaveLayerAsync(  
   file , 
   layer , 
   format , 


Destination Windows Runtime StorageFile object to save the data to. This value must not be null.

The AnnLayer to be saved. This value must not be null.

Must be AnnFormat.Annotations.

Page number to put inside the data.


This method works the same and produces the same annotation file format as SaveAsync does, except that it saves only the objects inside the individual layer specified instead of all the objects in the container.

Note that "load layer" functionality is not required by AnnCodecs. An AnnLayer cannot exist by itself without an annotation container. Hence, any of the load functions that accept a container parameter can be used to load the file saved by this function.

If file is not an empty file, then it must contain valid LEADTOOLS Annotations data previously saved. This method inserts or replaces the page specified in savePageNumber.

If file is a new file, then this method creates new LEADTOOLS Annotations data and saves it.

If the value of savePageNumber is 0, then the default value of 1 is used. Otherwise, the page number used when saving is savePageNumber.

LEADTOOLS supports saving multiple containers in the same file, each having a unique page number. Use Load(string,int32) with a page number to load the desired page.

The SerializeOptions property can contain optional options and events that can be used when saving annotation data.

For more information, refer to Annotation Files.


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