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AnnReview Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by AnnReview.

Public Constructors

Name Description
AnnReview Initializes a new AnnReview object.

Public Methods

Name Description
Clone Creates an exact copy of this AnnReview object.
ToString Gets a human readable string that represents this review item.

Public Properties

Name Description
Author Gets or sets the author of this review item.
Comment Gets or sets the free flowing text that contains any additional notes or comments about this review item.
Date Gets or sets the date this review item was created.
IsChecked Gets or sets a value that indicate whether this review item is checked (approved).
Replies Gets the list of replies to this review item.
Status Gets or sets the status of this review item.

Public Fields

Name Description
Accepted Accepted status. Indicates the item is accepted.
Cancelled Cancelled status. Indicates the item is cancelled.
Completed Completed status. Indicates the item is completed.
Created Created status. Indicates the item is created.
Modified Modified status. Indicates the item is modified.
None None status. Indicates no particular status or has not been set yet.
Rejected Rejected status. Indicates the item is rejected.
Reply Reply status. Indicates the item is a reply.
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