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AnnTextRollupObject Class


Defines an annotation text rollup object.


WinRT C#
public class AnnTextRollupObject : AnnNoteObject 
public sealed class AnnTextRollupObject : Leadtools.Annotations.Core.IAnnObjectCloneable   
@interface LTAnnTextRollupObject :LTAnnNoteObject<NSCoding,NSCopying> 
public class AnnTextRollupObject extends AnnNoteObject 
function Leadtools.Annotations.Core.AnnTextRollupObject() 
   ref class AnnTextRollupObject : AnnNoteObject 


The text rollup annotation object extends AnnNoteObject by adding an Expanded property. When this property is set to false, the text rollup object looks and behaves like a normal note. When Expanded is set to false, the text rollup object will shrink to show only one line of text. This saves space on the container surface.

Programmatically, the boundaries and location of the text rollup object can be controlled using the following properties:

The AnnTextRollupObject class inherits a number of properties from the AnnObject class, providing support for font, stroke and fill characteristics. These properties are listed below:

The AnnTextRollupObject inherits a number of text properties from the AnnTextObject class that provide support for text alignment, margins, etc. These properties are listed below:

The name of the AnnTextObject can be controlled using Labels property, inherited from the AnnObject class.

Each object can be transformed with the following methods:

An object can be part of a group annotation object or part of a container object. It cannot be part of both a group and a container at the same time.

The following properties can also be used to programmatically set characteristics of an AnnTextObject:


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