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AnnEncryptObject Class Methods


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Public Methods

Name Description
Apply Applies this AnnEncryptObject object to an image using the specified data provider.
Clone Creates an exact copy of this AnnEncryptObject object.
Deserialize Loads this object with data from the specified XML.
GetArea Returns the area defined by the rectangle generated from all the points inside this object. (Inherited from AnnRectangleObject)
GetAreaInPixels Returns the pixel count of this AnnRectangleObject. (Inherited from AnnRectangleObject)
HitTest Performs hit-testing on this AnnRectangleObject. (Inherited from AnnRectangleObject)
Rotate Rotates the AnnEncryptObject around the specified point by the specified number of degrees.
ScaleVector Scales the AnnEncryptObject by the specified ratios, unit vector and center point.
Serialize Serializes the object to an XML document.
Translate Translates the AnnEncryptObject by the specified values.

Protected Methods

Name Description
Create Creates a new instance of AnnEncryptObject.
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