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Apply Method


Applies this AnnEncryptObject object to an image using the specified data provider.


WinRT C#
public virtual void Apply( 
   AnnDataProvider provider, 
   AnnContainer container 
-(void) apply:(LTAnnDataProvider*)provider container:(LTAnnContainer*)container; 
public void apply(AnnDataProvider provider, AnnContainer container) 
 function Leadtools.Annotations.Core.AnnEncryptObject.Apply(  
   provider , 
   virtual void Apply( 
      AnnDataProvider^ provider, 
      AnnContainer^ container 


AnnDataProvider instance that is used to encrypt and decyrpt the image pixel data.

The reference AnnContainer.


An AnnEncryptObject object can have two states: it can be an encryptor or it can be a decryptor (Refer to Encryptor).

Use this method to apply this AnnEncryptObject object, whether it is an encryptor or a decryptor. Applying an encryptor means that the part of the image under the encryptor is scrambled according to the Key value.

Once applied, the portion of the image under the encrypt object becomes scrambled or unscrambled, and the encrypt object changes states (encryptors become decryptors, and decryptors be encryptors). Using different keys before calling this method gives different scrambling patterns. The decryptor state differs from the encryptor state in that a decryptor cannot be moved, and cannot be changed to an encryptor. The scrambling can be removed by calling Apply on the decryptor with the appropriate Key. If successful, the decryptor again changes state to become an encryptor. An encryptor can be moved, and can be changed to a decryptor.

The AnnEncryptObject is useful for encrypting portions of an image. After encrypting, the scrambled image cannot easily be unscrambled without the associated annotation file. The scrambling can be removed by using the associated annotation file, or by using automation mode to manually change the encrypt state from encryptor to a decryptor, position the object correctly, and setting the Key appropriately.

AnnDataProvider is used as following:

The AnnDataProvider.Encrypt method is called to scramble the pixel data of the image if Encryptor was true and the AnnDataProvider.Decrypt method is called to de-scramble the pixel data of the image if Encryptor was false.


For an example, refer to AnnEncryptObject.


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