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SetImageData Method


Sets the image data at the specified location and size.


WinRT C#
Public MustOverride Function SetImageData( _ 
   ByVal container As Leadtools.Annotations.Core.AnnContainer, _ 
   ByVal bounds As Leadtools.LeadRectD, _ 
   ByVal data() As Byte _ 
) As Task 
 function Leadtools.Annotations.Core.AnnDataProvider.SetImageData(  
   container , 
   bounds , 


The reference AnnContainer.

The location and size in container on where to set the image data. This is in container coordinates.

The image data to be set. This contains the same data previously obtained with GetImageData.


Derived classes must implement GetImageData to extract the data of the image being annotated at the specified location and size and SetImageData to reapply this same data to the image.

The data is application specific since it will only be stored as is inside the caller annotation object (for example, AnnRedactionObject during realize/restore). The format of the data and how it is obtained or applied is hidden from the annotations framework. A typical would be to copy the pixel data from the image then convert it to a standard format such as PNG and return it from GetImageData.

The automation framework will call GetImageData only if the value of CanRead is true and SetImageData only if the value of CanWrite is true.


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