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AnnPicture Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by AnnPicture.

Public Constructors

Name Description
AnnPicture Initializes a new instance of the AnnPicture class with a specific image.

Public Methods

Name Description
Clone Creates an exact copy of this AnnPicture object.

Public Properties

Name Description
Empty Creates a new instance of the AnnPicture class with member data left uninitialized.
Height Gets or sets the height of this AnnPicture object.
IsLoaded Gets or sets a value indicating if the image associated with this AnnPicture is loaded.
Resources Gets the resources object that contains the image.
ResourcesId Gets the image resource id.
Source Gets or sets the image URL associated with this AnnPicture object.
Stream Gets the InputStream containing the raw image data.
Width Gets or sets the width of this AnnPicture object.
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