typedef struct tagUSERFLT 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   L_UINT ufltWidth; 
   L_UINT ufltHeight; 
   POINT ufltCenter; 
   L_UINT ufltDivisor; 
   L_INT nfltOffset; 
   L_UINT ufltFlag; 
   L_INT ufltMatrix[1]; 
Member Description
uStructSize Size of the USERFLT structure. Should be set to sizeof(USERFLT).
ufltWidth Number of columns in the user-defined array (mask).
ufltHeight Number of rows in the user-defined array (mask).
ufltCenter A POINT structure that contains a two-dimensional position in the array (ufltMatrix), to be used as the matrix (mask)center.
ufltDivisor Value used to divide the final result of the output. This must be a non-zero value. If you want to use floating point values for the matrix elements and the divisor, multiply the matrix elements and the divisor with the same value (for example, 10, 100, 1000).
nfltOffset Value used to offset the final result of the output.
ufltFlag The type of operation. These flags cannot be or-ed together.
  Value Meaning
  UD_SUM [0x0000] Perform sum operation.
  UD_MAX [0x0001] Perform maximum operation.
  UD_MIN [0x0002] Perform minimum operation.
ufltMatrix Array of (ufltWidth * ufltHeight) integers containing the user-defined matrix (mask). The elements are stored in row order (first row, second row, etc).
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