Changes from Version 10 to Version 11 (11.5)

Version 11 of the LEADTOOLS C API has changed from version 10 as follows:

Changed or removed functions

The following functions have been changed from the previous version of LEADTOOLS or removed:

Changed structures

    L_UINT PaintGamma; /* Paint gamma value to be used during painting */ 
    L_INT PaintContrast; /* Paint contrast value to be used during painting */ 
    L_INT PaintIntensity; /* Paint intensity value to be used during painting */ 
    L_UCHAR *pPaintLUT; /* Paint LUT generated from PaintIntensity, PaintGamma, PaintIntensity */ 
    L_UINT32 Reserved; /* reserved field, do not use */ 

    pLOADFILEOPTION pOptions; 

    pSAVEFILEOPTION pOptions; 

Removed structures

The EXTFILEOPTION structure has been removed, and has been replaced by the LOADFILEOPTION structure and the SAVEFILEOPTION structure.

The rest of this topic lists the new functions in version 11.

Annotations (Express only)

BarCode (11.5) (Add-on to Express Imaging toolkits)

DICOM File Format Control

DICOM Communication Control (11.5)





Load and Save Options

Thumbnail Browser

Vector File Format Support


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