typedef struct _LEADFILECOMMENT 
   L_UINT uType; 
   L_UINT uDataSize; 
   L_SIZE_T uDataOffset; 

The LEADFILECOMMENT structure contains information about a file comment field. A pointer to an array of this structure is obtained by the L_ReadFileComments function.

Member Data Type Description
uType L_UINT
The type of this item comment.  Valid values are:
    Value Meaning
    JPEG and LEAD File Comments
    Tiff File Comments
    Exif File Comments
    Gif File Comments
    Dicom File Comments
    FlashPix File Comments
    CMNT_LAST Last defined number for comments. To clear all fields, you can use the type constant as a loop counter. The first constant is 0 and the last is CMNT_LAST.
uDataSize L_UINT
The number of bytes in the data items.
uDataOffset L_SIZE_T
Byte offset into the ppData variables where the data for this item starts. To read the data for this item, you can use pItemData = (ppData + uDataOffset)


pLEADFILECOMMENT is a pointer to a LEADFILECOMMENT structure. Where the function parameter type is pLEADFILECOMMENT, you can declare a LEADFILECOMMENT variable, update the structure's fields, and pass the variable's address in the parameter. Declaring a pLEADFILECOMMENT variable is necessary only if your program requires a pointer.

Pass an address to pLEADFILECOMMENT to L_ReadFileComments to read all the comment fields stored in an image file. These functions will allocate this pointer with an array of pLEADFILECOMMENT structures, one for each item found. When you are done using the pLEADFILECOMMENT pointer, you must pass it to the L_FreeFileComments function to free the allocated memory.

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