typedef struct thumboptions 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   L_INT nWidth; /* thumbnail width */ 
   L_INT nHeight; /* thumbnail height */ 
   L_INT nBits; /* thumbnail bits per pixel */ 
   L_UINT uCRFlags; /* color resolution flags */ 
   L_BOOL bMaintainAspect; /* aspect ratio flag */ 
   L_BOOL bForceSize; /* force size flag */ 
   L_COLORREF crBackColor; /* background color */ 
   L_BOOL bLoadStamp; /* load stamp flag */ 
   L_BOOL bResample; /* resample flag */ 

The THUMBOPTIONS structure is used by L_CreateThumbnailFromFile to specify the thumbnail creation options.


If the bLoadStamp member of this structure is set to TRUE when L_CreateThumbnailFromFile is called and the file does not contain a stamp, then an error will be returned.

Some functions which take this structure as a parameter require that the structure be initialized prior to the function call. You must set the uStructSize member to the total size, in bytes, of the structure. Use the sizeof() operator to calculate this value. Functions that do not require the structure be initialized will take the total size of the structure, in bytes, as an additional function parameter.

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