#include "l_bitmap.h"

L_LTEFX_API L_INT L_EfxDraw3dShape(hDC, uShape, pRect, crBack, hdcBack, prcBack, uBackStyle, crFill, uFillStyle, crBorder, uBorderStyle, uBorderWidth, crInnerHilite, crInnerShadow, uInnerStyle, uInnerWidth, crOuterHilite, crOuterShadow, uOuterStyle, uOuterWidth, nShadowX, nShadowY, crShadow, hRgn)


handle to the target device context

L_UINT uShape;

type of shape

RECT *pRect;

pointer to the display rectangle


background color

HDC hdcBack;

handle to the device context for background

RECT *prcBack;

pointer to the display background rectangle

L_UINT uBackStyle;

background style


foreground color

L_UINT uFillStyle;

foreground style

COLORREF crBorder;

border color

L_UINT uBorderStyle;

border style

L_UINT uBorderWidth;

border width

COLORREF crInnerHilite;

inner band highlight color

COLORREF crInnerShadow;

inner band shadow color

L_UINT uInnerStyle;

inner band style

L_UINT uInnerWidth;

inner band width

COLORREF crOuterHilite;

outer band highlight color

COLORREF crOuterShadow;

outer band shadow color

L_UINT uOuterStyle;

outer band style

L_UINT uOuterWidth;

outer band width

L_INT nShadowX;

horizontal position of the shadow

L_INT nShadowY;

vertical position of the shadow

COLORREF crShadow;

shadow color

HRGN hRgn;

region handle

Draws the specified three-dimensional shape into the target device context using the specified color, style, and size.

Parameter Description
hDC Handle to the target device context.
uShape Shape type. For valid values, refer to Effect Shapes.
pRect Pointer to the display destination rectangle.
crBack COLORREF value that specifies the background color.
hdcBack Handle to the source device context for background. Use this parameter and prcBack to place an image from another device context into the background of the shape. To use a background image, the uFillStyle parameter must not be EFX_FILLSTYLE_SOLID.
prcBack Pointer to the display background rectangle.
uBackStyle Background style. For valid values, refer to Effect Background Styles.
crFill COLORREF value that specifies the foreground color.
uFillStyle Foreground style. The following are valid values:
  Value Meaning
  EFX_FILLSTYLE_SOLID Solid filling ◼
  EFX_FILLSTYLE_TRANSPARENT Transparent filling ◻
  EFX_FILLSTYLE_FDIAGONAL Downward diagonal lines ▨
  EFX_FILLSTYLE_BDIAGONAL Upward diagonal lines ▧
  EFX_FILLSTYLE_DIAGCROSS Diagonal cross lines ▩
crBorder COLORREF value that specifies the border color.
uBorderStyle Border style. The following are valid values:
  Value Meaning
  EFX_BORDERSTYLE_DASH Dash line (valid only for 1-pixel lines)
  EFX_BORDERSTYLE_DOT Dot line (valid only for 1-pixel lines)
  EFX_BORDERSTYLE_DASHDOT Dash dot line (valid only for 1-pixel lines)
  EFX_BORDERSTYLE_DASHDOTDOT Dash dot dot line (valid only for 1-pixel lines)
uBorderWidth Border width.
crInnerHilite COLORREF value that specifies the inner band highlight color.
crInnerShadow COLORREF value that specifies the inner band shadow color.
uInnerStyle Inner band style. The following are valid values:
  Value Meaning
  EFX_INNERSTYLE_INSET Inner band inset
  EFX_INNERSTYLE_RAISED Inner band raised
  The inner band is available only for squares and rectangles.
uInnerWidth Inner band width.
crOuterHilite COLORREF value that specifies the outer band highlight color.
crOuterShadow COLORREF value that specifies the outer band shadow color.
uOuterStyle Outer band style. The following are valid values:
  Value Meaning
  EFX_OUTERSTYLE_INSET Outer band inset
  EFX_OUTERSTYLE_RAISED Outer band raised
uOuterWidth Outer band width.
nShadowX Horizontal position of the shadow.
nShadowY Vertical position of the shadow.
crShadow COLORREF value that specifies the shadow color.
hRgn Handle to a Windows region that defines the shape. This parameter is used only if the uShape parameter is EFX_SHAPE_REGION.



The function was successful.

< 1

An error occurred. Refer to Return Codes.


Use hdcBack and prcBack to place an image from another device context into the background of the shape.

For general information, refer to Implementing Special Effects.

Required DLLs and Libraries


For a listing of the exact DLLs and Libraries needed, based on the toolkit version, refer to Files To Be Included With Your Application.


Win32, x64.

See Also


L_EfxDraw3dText, L_EfxDrawFrame, L_EfxDrawRotated3dText, L_EfxEffectBlt, L_EfxGradientFillRect, L_EfxPaintBitmap, L_EfxPaintTransition, L_EfxPatternFillRect, L_EfxTileRect


Implementing Special Effects


Using Color Values in LEADTOOLS


This example shows the minimum requirements for using L_EfxDraw3dShape.

L_INT EfxDraw3dShapeExample(HWND  hWnd,RECT* pDest) 
  L_INT nRet; 
  HDC       hdc;                    /* Device context for the current window */ 
  HPALETTE  hSavedPalette = NULL;   /* Temporary copy of the current system palette */ 
  HPALETTE  hOurPalette = NULL;     /* The palette that we will use to paint */ 
  L_INT     nBitsPerPixel; 
  HDC       hdcMem;                 /* HDC for background image */ 
  HBITMAP   hbmMem;                 /* Bitmap for background image */ 
  RECT      rcbm; 
  /* Get the device context */ 
  hdc = GetDC (hWnd); 
  /* Check the device to see if we need a palette */ 
  nBitsPerPixel = GetDeviceCaps( hdc, BITSPIXEL ) * GetDeviceCaps ( hdc, PLANES ); 
  if ( nBitsPerPixel <=8 ) 
    hOurPalette = (HPALETTE)GetStockObject (DEFAULT_PALETTE); 
    hSavedPalette = SelectPalette (hdc, hOurPalette, FALSE); 
    /* Realize our palette */ 
    RealizePalette (hdc);  
  /* Create the gradient for the background of the 3D shape */   
  rcbm.top     = pDest->top; 
  rcbm.left    = pDest->left; 
  rcbm.bottom  = pDest->bottom; 
  rcbm.right   = pDest->right; 
  OffsetRect(&rcbm, -pDest->left, -pDest->top); 
  hdcMem = CreateCompatibleDC(hdc); 
  hbmMem = CreateCompatibleBitmap(hdc, rcbm.right, rcbm.bottom); 
  hbmMem = (HBITMAP)SelectObject(hdcMem, hbmMem); 
  /* Place a gradient in the background of the 3D shape */ 
  nRet = L_EfxGradientFillRect ( hdcMem, 
                          RGB(255, 0, 0), 
                          RGB(0, 0, 255), 
                          16 ); 
  if(nRet != SUCCESS) 
     return nRet; 
  /* Draw the 3D shape */ 
  nRet = L_EfxDraw3dShape ( hdc,                    /* device context */ 
                     EFX_SHAPE_STAR4,        /* star shape */ 
                     pDest,                  /* destination rectangle */ 
                     RGB ( 0,0,255 ),        /* background color, blue */ 
                     hdcMem,                 /* use this to place an image in the background */ 
                     &rcbm,                  /* display background rectangle */ 
                     EFX_BACKSTYLE_TRANSLUCENTTILEDIMAGE,/* style flags for 3D shape */ 
                     RGB (255,0,0 ),         /* foreground color, red */ 
                     EFX_FILLSTYLE_TRANSPARENT,/* foreground style */ 
                     RGB ( 255,0,0 ),        /* border color, red */ 
                     EFX_BORDERSTYLE_SOLID,  /* border style */ 
                     5,                      /* border width */ 
                     RGB ( 255,255,255 ),    /* inner band highlight color, white */ 
                     RGB ( 128,128,128 ),    /* inner band shadow color */ 
                     EFX_INNERSTYLE_INSET,   /* inner band style */ 
                     3,                      /* inner band width */ 
                     RGB ( 255,0,0 ),        /* outer band highlight color, RED */ 
                     RGB ( 128,128,128 ),    /* outer band shadow color */ 
                     EFX_OUTERSTYLE_INSET,   /* outer band style */ 
                     3,                      /* outer band width */ 
                     2,                      /* horizontal shadow position */ 
                     2,                      /* vertical shadow position */ 
                     RGB ( 0,0,0 ),          /* shadow color, black */ 
                     NULL );                 /* no region handle */ 
  if(nRet != SUCCESS) 
     return nRet; 
  /* Restore the old palette */ 
  if  ( hOurPalette ) 
    SelectPalette (hdc, hSavedPalette, FALSE); 
  /* Release the device context */ 
  ReleaseDC(hWnd, hdc); 
  DeleteObject(SelectObject(hdcMem, hbmMem)); 
   return SUCCESS; 

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